Five Star Limousine Service - We offer Shuttle, Car and Limo Services.
Airports Transportation & Car Services

When riding with us, you will not have to worry about being overcharge, disrespected, or broke down on the highway on your way to your timely sensitive destination. Why take a local meter taxi when you can ride on one of our luxury sedan for the same price or  very close to it. you are welcome to compare our prices with our local taxis service and other airport taxi/ car services' companies.
 we provide late model Lincoln Town Car, SUV, and Mini Vans for our airport taxi and car service . These vehicles are clean , well maintained and inspected daily. Five Star Limousine Service would like to accommodate you whether you want to enjoy a soiree in town, an airport car services or any other transportation needs, we are just a phone call away. 

Five Star Limousine Service's flat rates and its fleet of luxury vehicles are in all aspects much better than the local taxi cabs and other private limousine companies in Greensboro NC. Our rates are the best for airports taxi or car service to ( RDU airport, Charlotte airport and Greensboro airport).

 Airport Taxi/ Car Service
Compare to our local taxi meter rate that is based at $2.30/mile-$2.80/mile for a bit up and unreliable cab.  Five Star Limousine Service offers you the late models town cars and mini vans that are insured, reliable and bonded for low rates  that are very compatible.

Our airport rates are very affordable and cheaper for long distance travels compare to our local taxis and other private companies.

  • Raleigh Durham Airport- Flat rate taxi or car service is base at $1.85/mile from or to anywhere in the triad area.
  • Charlotte Airport- Flat rate taxi or car service is base at $1.70/mile from or to anywhere in the triad area.
  • Greensboro Airport (PTIA)- Flat rate taxi or car service is base at $2.50/mile with minimum rate $15.00.
  • Private airports- Flat rate taxi or car service is base on the distance and zoning of the area.
 We mainly provide taxi, limousine and car services to and from airports,  hotels, universities, concerts, furniture markets, conventions, conferences, restaurants, night lives and Corporate businesses in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Burlington and surrounding areas.
Five Star Limousine Service in Greensboro, airport taxi and limo vehicle
Five Star Limousine transports customers to proximity Hotel
Five Star Limousine Service in Greensboro accepts corporate business and contract
Five Star Transportation Lincoln Town Car used for limo and taxi service
Five Star Limousine Service Lincoln Town Car L series, ideal for wedding and car service
Airports Shuttle and Limo Services
For our limo services, we offer late model town car sedans, SUV, and luxury stretch limousines for your convenience.
We also have available 6 passengers to 15 passengers vans available to shuttle your party anywhere that you desire.Whether is home, hotels, or corporate business places we will be more than happy to drive you to your destination
We provide services to and from Greensboro Airport(PTIA), Charlotte Airport (CLT), Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU), Ronoake Airport, Private Airports etc....
Tarmac pick up? In case your guess arrives in a private plane at a private airport their car could be waiting at the tarmac or outside the gate depending of that airport rule and regulation 
In smaller airports, we could have your driver waiting on you with a name sign, but a busier airport we would like for you to keep in contact with your driver . Let he/she knows when you land, when you get  your luggage, and when you are ready to come out so he or she can come pull up. 
Corporate Account:
We also available for  hotels or corporate pick ups. Corporate or Hotels contracts are welcome here at Five Star Limousine. For your conveniences, discount will be available depending on the contracts.
With a Corporate Account you can easily arrange transportation for clients and employees, take care of airport pick-ups and drop-offs, parcel delivery, last minute rush document deliveries or any other unique transportation needs your business may have.
Email or Contact us to set up your company corporate account today.
When picking you up at your residents, hotels, business places etc.. your assign driver will give you a courtesy call 30 minutes before your pick up time, just to erase the worrisome whether or not your driver is coming for you or whether or not you are going to make your flight.
When you reserve with us, please have your flight information ready such as (flight number, arrival time), let us know how many people are in your party, and if you have any check in luggage.
"" Please Email Or Call us for a quote or to set up a reservation.""