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Five Star Limousine Service welcomes conventions of all sizes, we offer transportations services such as limo, car services and shuttle services from and to all airports ( Greensboro Airport, Raleigh Durham Airport, Charlotte Airport, and all other Airports; private or out states.).

We also offers transportation through out the conventions; such as taking passengers back and front to the markets, restaurants, nights out, and concerts. we are a full service passengers transportation company that is looking forward to make your events here stress free and affordable.

We know that during large conventions most businesses here get to double and triple their prices, but our limousine service here in Greensboro guarantees that our prices will remain unchanged during or in absence of those conventions.

our prices are affordable and fair and it will remain like that throughout your stays here.

Market America/Furniture Market

We knows that your day to day planning is overwhelming that is why we take the responsibility to shuttle you and your party in an affordable price so you do not have to wait for the untimely shuttle that takes precious time from your untimely schedules. Avoid the hustle of rushing for a courtesy bus when Five Star Limousine can make your travels more relax with our affordable and reliable shuttle and limo services.

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