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For more information on choosing winery sites, events, and fine dinings; click on the picture to connect you to North Carolina Wineries.

Fine wines, friendly faces, and Southern hospitality. Come to North Carolina wine country and explore the fun growing on our vines!

Five Star Limousine would like to invite you to NC country side road for site seing, eating, wine testing, fun etc....We are the first choice for limousine service in Greensboro, NC.Whether you prefer white or red, Merlot or Muscadine, North Carolina’s wineries and vineyards will have the perfect pairing for your taste buds. Come explore the scenic beauty of our wine country, taste the fruits of our vineyards, and stay for a picnic or perhaps some live music. From the mountains to the coast to the vast Yadkin Valley, NC has a wine experience that will keep you coming back.

North Carolina has a unique variety of grapes and wine. Ranking as a top-5 destination for wine travelers and enthusiasts, visitors can enjoy more than 90 wineries and 400 vineyards. The number of wineries has quadrupled since 2000, and the amount of land used to grow grapes has doubled to 1,800 acres.

Five Star Limousine Service in Greensboro, has wide range of luxury vehicles to chose from, we offer car service, limo and shuttle services to our winery customers.

We have a 10% discount for all week days bookings and 15% discount for bookings that are over six hours.

Please call or email us for reservations or questions

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